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Day 29- Marissa crosses the Amazon Horror Roulette Finish Line

Day 29- House of Good and Evil



Well, I have made it to my final pick for the month. The Amazon Wheel of Horror Doom chose 2013’s House of Good and Evil. This film did well on the indie horror film circuit, and I can see why.  I have to admit, it wasn’t bad at all. More of a psychological thriller than a traditional horror film, this story focuses on a couple trying to rekindle their failing marriage after suffering a miscarriage. Naturally, they move to a giant old house in the woods with no electricity.

The story focuses on the wife, Maggie, as she tries to figure out what is up with a ringing phone and her creepy old people neighbors. The ending is a quality twist, although far from a shocker. It’s a decent enough watch and a good ending to this endeavor. Good luck to my other ghouls as they cross the finish line!

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