About Jersey Ghouls

Instagram filters 4-evah!

Instagram filters 4-evah!

Meet Jacki 

Jacki is a 12 year old boy living in a grown woman's body. She enjoys playing Magic: the Gathering, reading comic books, learning about dinosaurs, collecting action figures, building with Legos and has a fine appreciation for a nice set of boobs. She also likes lip gloss and pays way to much money for mascara. This is one complex gal. 

Her love of the horror genre began in 1987 when she watch The Monster Squad for the first time. She was hooked. In that 90 minutes, she learned that make-up was for more than making you pretty, you can both laugh and be scared at the same time, and above all, that Wolfman's got nards. From then on, she would watch as many scary movies as her parents would allow, always looking forward to the random Saturday or Sunday afternoon showing of Nightmare on Elm St. or a Friday the 13th on basic cable. The older she got, the more she discovered Horror movie conventions, toys, books, board games, video games. You name it, she liked it. In the last few years she has began to learn/practice/fail at monster and special effects make up.

 Jacki earned her BA in Theatre Arts from Rowan University and like so many art students, she did nothing with her degree. For the last twelve years, Jacki has been running the front office of a mental health facility. 
She lives in South Jersey with her boyfriend and their awesome dog.



Meet Marissa

Marissa is a high school English and criminology teacher. She is also a producer, writer, and editor for various publications. She lives in South Jersey with her husband, two little ghouls in training, and her dog.

When Marissa is not busy moonlighting as a soccer mom, she is a screenplay judge for the Women in Horror Film Festival as well as a comedy and local films judge for the PA Short Film Festival. She also contributes written content to Horror Geek Life. Marissa dreams of one day breeding teacup Jersey Devils for fun and profit.


Meet Nate

Nate is grizzled survivor of the suburbs of South Jersey, a place where that Tom Hanks movie seems reasonably plausible. He enjoys music, video games, films, D&D and his cat, Ben. He could probably beat you in "You Don't Know" and "Rocket League". Probably.

Nate is a long time fan of horror. What started as a rite of passage among his childhood friends has developed into a lifelong fascination (read: obsession) with the morbid and morose. From deftly maneuvering the horror section of the local video store (watch out for those threatening standees) to deftly maneuvering the horror section of online movie streaming services (watch out for the tons of traaaash; see our feature from October 2017). Nate's love and pursuit of amazing horror movies and games will likely never end.