Meet Jacki "The Girl of the Gore"

Jacki is a 12 year old boy living in a grown woman's body... minus the desire to look at boobs. 
She enjoys playing Magic: the Gathering, reading comic books, learning about dinosaurs, collecting action figures and building with Legos.

Her love of the horror genre began in 1987 when she watch The Monster Squad for the first time. She was hooked. In that 90 minutes, she leared that make-up was for more than making you pretty, you can both laugh and be scared at the same time, and above all, that Wolfman's got nards. From then on, she would watch as many scary movies as her parents would allow, always looking forward to the random Saturday or Sunday afternoon showing of Nightmare on Elm St. or a Friday the 13th on basic cable. The older she got, the more she discovered Horror movie conventions, toys, books, board games, video games. You name it, she liked it. In the last few years she has began to learn/practice/fail and monster and special effects make up.

Jacki met Marissa in college and they immediately connected. Among their group of friends, they were the two that could spend hours watching Romero's zombies or countless direct-to-video slasher movies. Jacki eventually earned her BA in Theatre Arts from Rowan University and like so many art students, she did nothing with her degree. For the last ten years, Jacki has been running the front office of a mental health outpatient facility. 
She lives in South Jersey with her boyfriend and their awesome dog.



 The Jersey Ghouls on their first haunt!

The Jersey Ghouls on their first haunt!


Meet Marissa- "The Mistress of Mayhem"

Marissa is a high school English teacher and mother of two little horrors. She lives in South Jersey, where she endures Philly fans, jimmies, and strange pronunciations of the word water.

When she’s not in her classroom, she is busy moonlighting as a run of the mill soccer mom. In her free seconds she pretends to be a writer, steals snacks from her kids and blames the dog, and watches tons of horror movies.

She worships George Romero, Stephen King, and defending the feminist in horror. She dreams of one day breeding teacup Jersey Devils for fun and profit. She believes that Jacki, her horror soul mate, will keep her safe from any zombie onslaught.