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Amazon Wheel of Horror - October 30th - Anna: Scream Queen Killer

Amazon Wheel of Horror - October 30th - Anna: Scream Queen Killer

Well here we are. My final movie for this month of torture and appropriately my send off is a torture/found footage film. Oh and before we get too far, I used my veto finally. I'm very glad I held on to it because this movie is some creepy rape/bondage/voyeurism thing.

Anna: SQK is about a girl who is struggling trying to land an acting career who jumps on an audition. When she gets there, it's not long before it's clear that the dude conducting the audition is a creep who just wants to see this girl naked and humiliated. He sits silently with a camera and she reads off instructions from a list and performs them. It starts off simple enough with 'act like a ghost is in the room for 30 seconds'. Then it goes to 'act like you are being eaten from the inside by some kind of alien life form', 'act like you are being turned into a vampire' etc etc. Then the weird sexual abuse stuff starts coming into play. I stuck with it for a little while because in the first 20 minutes you still imagine some chance of this going somewhere before it gets too weird but NOPE. 20 minutes in and this woman is disrobing and pleasuring herself while driving a vehicle- This is when I exercised veto rights.

I don't consider myself a puritan by any stretch of the imagine. I've seen plenty of movies with awful things that happen in them, including stuff similar to this. However in those movies there's usually something else to keep you watching. In Anna, it's just silence and weirdly placed music and this woman pantomiming these increasingly strange situations for the camera. It was awkwardly close to actual porn and I knew this was my last chance to use the veto. No ragrets.


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