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Amazon Roulette of Horror - October 28th - Evil Unleashed: The Seance Hour

Welcome to another hour and a half of my life that I'm not getting back.


On the set of the television show, The Seance Hour, something spooky is happening. An unknown and presumably evil entity is making its way into the studio. On today's show, Madame Camille will host a seance with a group of people, including a professor/priest who is rumored to have murderer. The producer brought him on so he would confess to the murders during filming and boost their ratings. When the entity gets in the building (thanks to someone opening the front door and it sneaking in with them) it finds the priest and possesses him. One by one the crew dies and as it turns out, Madame Camille is a REAL psychic and only she has the power to stop him.

This movie was super boring. Please don't watch it. I watched it so you didn't have to. That's how much I love you.

The plot made no sense. If you are a demon spirit with the power to possess people, move objects telekinetically, and make a person spontaneous combust, WHY CAN'T YOU ENTER A BUILDING WITH A CLOSED DOOR. From the spirits POV, there are several shots in the beginning of the movie where the spirit is kept out because he didn't get to the door fast enough and it has already closed. Seriously? A door stopped you?

And what would a direct to video horror movie be without the large-chested slut? She also happens to be the assistant to the producer. And her and the producer are sleeping together. Because of course they are. Oh and the producer’s wife also works on the show. So there is that “obvious to everyone but the wife” love triangle. But don't get me wrong, it's not like you have a bunch of talented actors working with a bad script. 90% of the cast is as bad as the script. There was a character that screams and she literally says AAAAAHHHHHH. As in what you say in a dentist's’ chair. But she said it loud, so I guess it counts. The special effects aren't worth it and for the twist ending they used the oldest, stupidest, worn out trick in the book. Did I mention that this movie tried to be funny at times? Yeah, that didn't work either.

The worst and best line from the movie is one in the same. The possessed professor/priest begins to rape a crew member, who happens to be a lesbian, with the idea that it will “cure” her of her homosexuality. While he is trying to rip her pants off he says, “I WILL FUCK YOU WITH THE LIGHT OF TRUTH!” Is this movie over yet? Can it be over? I'm so checked out...

I will however give credit where credit is due. The guy who played the producer, Sewell Whitney, has an impressive resume. I've actually heard of a lot of shows and movies he has been in. One time guest spots on popular TV shows and even one scene characters in movies. I've probably seen him on screen before and have not even know it. He played the slimy, cheating on his wife with his younger busty secretary, do it for the money producer type really well. Even better than him was Alicia Petrides who portrayed Madame Camille. While her IMDB resume is small and unremarkable, I have the feeling that this lady tears it up on stage at the local or touring theater level. She was entertaining to watch and I was actually engaged when a scene featured her.

Even with a few talented people driving the movie, it still was not enough to save it. With the promise of this Amazon nightmare being over soon, I give this movie 2 “crystal balls and draped scarves“ out of 5. I need to cleanse my senses of this. If you need me, I'll be watching The Exorcist.

- Jacki


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