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10 Best Winter Horror Kills

10 Best Winter Horror Kills

Welcome to Another JG Top 10 List. It's been awhile, but what better what to combat the winter blues and cabin fever than with a winter horror marathon. So, check out our 10 best snowy, wintry kills

10. Jack Frost Deadly Bath

This movie is pretty terrible, and it is not even the kind of terrible I would defend. But, what does redeem this one is some pretty ridiculous snow kills. My favorite is the bathtub scene, where he hugs a girl to death. Although his carrot nose is missing and does appear in the water, so it’s probably naïve of me to think it’s just a hug. But, since it skeeves me way less, let’s go with “hug.”






9. Dead Snow- Snowmobile Death


This film series doesn’t get enough credit. It’s pretty decent for what it is. Nazi zombies attacking a cabin in the foods… of course! While there are plenty of great snow kills to choose from, my personal favorite comes early, as the zombies pull the old “tear up a guy through a window” what makes me love this scene is that, after all their efforts to rip this guy from his friends, they leave his brains behind. Whoops.



8. Cold Prey- Yukon Cornelius Gone Wild


            Imagine if Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph was hunting people instead of silver and gold. Yup, it is is that ridiculous. There are some unforgettable characters on a skiing trip who get killed in unforgettable ways. There is even a backstory for why Yukon kills. But who cares. I've watched this one so you don't have to. Just know he exists. Apparently in numerous sequels too...


7. Krampus- Elves in the Snow         


            I stand by my love of this film; come at my bro. It is a lot of fun. It's dark, twister, and hilarious! Boasting a great cast and some really creepy demonic toys, it’s always a good time. With too many kills to count, I’m going to give this one to Krampus’s killer companions, the elves because they thoroughly creeped me out.



6. Frozen- Dinner is Served

            This movie will always have a soft spot in my heart, because the first time I watched it was with my mother, who is not a very big horror fan at all, but will sometimes take one for the Jersey Ghouls team. In this film, a group of skiers get stuck on a lift, and have to figure out how to get down before they freeze to death. One of the skiers tries to make a break for it, only to break his leg. And when I say break, I mean gnarly bone through the skin hot mess break. He sits there for a while, and, eventually, gets eaten by wolves. And these wolves like to play with their food. The sickest part is that the other 2 friends in the lift have to sit through his death, which is slow and gross.

5- 30 Days of Night- Don’t Play with Your Food    

            I was surprised this made my list. I’m not a huge fan of this film. I think they botched a really awesome comic. But, there are some really good winter kills in this film. And, it’s the perfect winter horror movie. My favorite one is when the vampire crew find a woman and decide to act like a bunch of children at recess, batting her around and laughing a bit, all before devouring her. Not only are they blood-thirsty vampire creatures, but they obviously never learned good manners.

4. The Thing- Dog-Gone


            In our latest episode, we cover why this film really is the perfect winter horror flick. Everything about this remake holds up. And when it comes to kills, it really is difficult to pick a best one. But, since it's my list, I'm going to vote the dog kills as the best one. When the infected dog is locked up with its pack, things get ugly. This scene still rattles me, and my horror om


3. Pontypool- Radio Station Kill


            This movie is awesome! If you haven’t seen it yet, drop everything and go watch it. This film basically takes the plague trope and turns it upside-down, with the English language itself being the infection. Although most of it takes place inside, the setting is somewhere in the wintery depths of French-Canadian small town, Pontypool. The most effective kill in this movie comes through a phone conversation, where one of the protagonists calls home only to hear her children become infected, presumably by their conversation. This one stays with you for awhile and requires numerous viewings to really appreciate the full thematic effect.


2. Let the Right One in- Eli Hunts

            Man, this movie rocks. It really is practically perfect. And it really serves as a great winter watch, with so much of the film taking place in a barren wintry landscape of the building’s courtyard. My favorite kill comes early, when Eli uses her appearance as an innocent little girl to lure a victim. It is in this horrible scene where we see just how vicious of a predator Eli can be. A twisted look at what love, gender roles, and the complicated moments where childhood innocence is forever lost, this film really is one of the best of all time.



1. The Shining- Jack-sicle


            Well, this one wins because it really is the ultimate winter horror flick. From the second the first flake falls, shit at the Overlook gets real. But, it’s the iconic ending scene, where Danny outwits a crazed Jack Torrance in a cat and mouse through the hedge maze. The scene of Jack’s frozen body covered in snow is one of the best in horror history, and Nicholson’s facial expression is my favorite part. I’d like to think it’s the face I make when I’ve been caught doing something really bad.


Written by Marissa


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