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Amazon Roulette of Horror - October 4th - Dark Flight

"Enough is enough. I have had it with these mother fluffin' ghost on this mother fluffin' plane!"

Years ago, New (Marsha Wattanapanich) was a young flight attendant on a flight that became the stuff of nightmares. Without explanation, all of the passengers and crew began to act crazy, convulse, scream and begin to kill each other. Somehow New was the only survivor. What she does not realize is that exact plane was refurbished and her first day, at her new job, with a new airline, she is boarding that same plane! Mid-flight, some passengers begin to see and hear things that not everyone else can. Eventually, ghostly images of the dead begin to frighten everyone. Having hallucinations that the living are actually the dead, the passengers begin to kill one another. With the help of the crew and remaining passengers, New must do her best to make sure the plane lands safely and that they survive. 


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So this movie, my second movie to watch, was my original veto. I found something worse, so I had to finish this.

This 2012 Taiwanese film has subtitles. OK, I'm fine with that. I don't mind a foreign language film. I don't want to blame the film for this, but when the airport floor is white, the seats on the plane are white and the flight crew is dressed in white, MAYBE WHITE TEXT SUBTITLES ARE NOT THE BEST IDEA. I vetoed this movie at 56:24. Almost an hour into the movie and not a lot has happened. The ghost sightings were few and it set up predictable situations, like the teenager that has a flight simulator game. You just know that she is going to have to land the plane at the end! The CGI was unremarkable and very direct to video. The characters are super stereotyped and you know before it even happens who is going to live and who is going to die. 

When I was forced to return to this movie, I was surprised that is got a little better. After the one hour mark, people starting killing each other and the ghost appeared more and more. The ghost effect reminded me of how things look in Silent Hill, but not done as well. We also get more flashbacks to when New was on the other haunted flight and learned the cause of the ghostly encounters. But even with the improved action, the plot at times contradicts itself and I found myself yelling at my TV. As far as ghost stories go, this one really reaches. As it turned out, there are worse movies on Amazon, but take my word for it, you can skip this one. This is an hour and a half of your life that you won't get back. I give this movie 2 "CGI forks flying through the air and impaling you" out of 5. 

- Jacki

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