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Amazon Wheel of Horror - October 25th - Blonde Ice


At first glance at the title, I was sure that I was in for a cheesy tits and ass low budget horror movie. Boy was I surprised. Unfortunately, this wasn't a horror movie, but it was a black and white film noir from 1948. Ok, you got me. Let's do this!

We meet Claire on her wedding day. Among the guest are a few of her former lovers, including Les, who she is still hung up on. But Claire likes the finer things in life and knows that she will not have the money, power or expensive lifestyle if she stays with him. Just hours after the wedding, Claire and Les get makey-outy on the balcony and while she is on her honeymoon, she pens a love letter to him. Her husband finds the letter and calls it off. He says he is leaving and will begin the divorce process in the morning. She realizes then that she must kill him! Suspension arises after her husband's death and Claire and Les are the prime suspects. Poor Les. He obviously loves her and she uses him at every turn. After she finds her next conquest, a politician climbing the ladder in D.C., she worms her way into his heart. But when she meets a psychiatrist who sees through her facade, her plans are spoiled when the politician calls everything off. This time not only does she kill him, she frames Les for the murder. Seriously Les, bitches be crazy and you can do so much better!

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. While not a horror movie, this crime drama held my interest the whole time. I enjoyed the femme fatale trope but I felt like it was a little forced. The plot was pretty generic but it was acted well. You absolutely route for Les and hope that he sees the error of his ways and runs screaming from Claire. Some might hate it, but I love when they say the title of the movie in the movie. At one point Les tells Claire that she isn't warm. She is ice… Blonde Ice!

I am happy I got to watch this one and it further proves that the older movies are so much better than the newer ones! Amazon has let us down a lot this month but I think this one was worth the wait. Blonde Ice gets 4 “gold digging dames” out of 5.

- Jacki

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