Marissa Pona

Jacki Giorgianni

Nate Dunn

Day 14- Hollow's Grove


What's up, everyone? Marissa here. Whelp, it’s almost halfway to Halloween, and we are still moving along. Tonight’s pick is Hollows Grove, a 2014 straight to “video” found footage film. Everything about this film is mediocre. It reminded me of the type of movies that usually show up on Syfy channel late on Saturday night. Too drunk to change the channel, you leave it on and are mildly amused. The acting and direction are not bad, it’s just nothing we haven’t seen a million times before.

So a bunch of d-bag fake ghost hunters (they are played that way) head into an abandoned orphanage, where a real haunting ensues. There are some decent jump scares, and I enjoyed catching the ghosts walking behind unaware characters. Oh, and Lance Henriksen has a cool cameo. But, at the end of the day, this movie is an uninspired entry in an already flooded sub-genre. Stick to V/H/S, Rec, or Paranormal Activity 1-3 if you are looking for found footage done well.

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